Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Maxi Dress: A dress for all?

The Maxi dress has been a huge wardrobe staple for both the summer, and now Autumn, seasons,
and rightly so; it’s versatile, chic, glamorous, understated and can be made unique time and time
again. But is it really what it markets itself to be; a dress for all?

Yes, the maxi dress has been heralded as a style that will suit everybody, but surely that can’t be
true? After all, it’s not going to look the same on a tall and a short person now is it? Well, the simple
answer is no and the more complicated one is yes. I think the easiest way to explain the maxi dress,
is that there is a style to suit everyone. Looking for maxi dresses in this season then visit very clothing.

Much like a pair of essential jeans, different styles suit all. If you are short then a floor sweeping,
long sleeved, block coloured piece isn’t going to do you any favours, instead it’ll make you look short
and frumpy. What you need to do is break it up a bit; either opt for a subtle pattern, like an autumn
floral, or break up a block colour with a belt, a big one, and some bright accessories. This will detract
from the swamping effect. It’s also best to avoid long sleeves, instead layer up for autumn with a
cardi, scarf and jacket.

For the lucky taller people, the maxi dress is pretty much the godsend you’ve been looking for. If
you can find one in the right length that is! There’s nothing worse than a too-short maxi dress that’s
up around your ankles. Luckily, there are some dresses designed specifically for you tall people out
there. Check out online stores like where
they have some maxi dresses that will hang gracefully past your ankles, and hopefully even cover
your shoes!

Luckily, the maxi dress also hides a multitude of sins; lumps, bumps and hairy legs, so they are really
a godsend; just make sure you try on a few styles to find the best one for you.