Friday, 9 April 2010

Holiday Essentials - Harem Pants

If you've got a holiday in the sun coming up and are looking for an alternative to linen trousers to keep you cool, you need to get yourself some harem pants! I'll admit when these first came out I thought they looked a bit ridiculous, but I'm slowly coming round to the idea and even have a pair of my own!

Here's some which are available to buy now:

These "harem inspired" trouser by French Connection are the way to go if you want the look without going too baggy and loose! Click here for more info on these

As an alternative (and at a fraction of the cost of the French Connection ones above!) BANK have these long black harem trousers by "heaven sent". Click here for more info on these have a great selection, including these black harem pants with a leopard print design around the waist. Click here to see more

If black is too boring for you, why not try these animal print harem trousers available from New Look. They're new in, click here for more info.