Saturday, 18 July 2009

Smart Black Dresses - perfect for work!

Finding a smart dress to wear to work can sometimes be a struggle, especially if you don't want to go sleeveless...or if like me your office always has the aircon on really high and your arms get cold! The easy option is to stick a cardigan on top of whatever you're wearing, but who wants to wear a cardian ALL the time?? I've found two smart black dresses which keep your arms covered and give you plenty of options to add a little colour by accessorising:

Smart Black Dress from CoastSmart Black Dress from Oasis

Both of these dresses have v-necks, and my recommendation for covering up up-top would be to wear a vest underneath.

Dress #1 is available from Coast for £95. Dress #2 is almost half the price and is available from Oasis for £50

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