Monday, 27 July 2009

Not-so-little black dresses

The "LBD" or "little black dress" is supposedly a staple in every woman's wardrobe, but if you happen to be a little shy of showing too much leg, (or any leg at all!) there are ways you can look fab in a range of not-so-litte black dresses which have sleeves or can be worn with shrugs, and which don't look really stupid when worn with jeans or leggings underneath!

Check out the 5 looks below:

Look #1 is for girls that don't mind wearing something a bit more fitted and clingy. The look is comprised of a "Warrior" sequin embellished dress (£80), worn with black rouched leggings (£18), shirred bolero/shrug (£25) and finished off with zebra striped platform shoes (£90) all from Oasis.

Dress #2 comes courtesy of French Connection (available for £110) and is great if you want a looser style, the matching belt helps create a bit more shape at the waist and the batwing sleeves are ideal if you want a bit of arm coverage. The neckline on this dress is also good if you're a bit shy of showing too much chest.

Dresses #3 and #4 are for frill seekers! Dress #3 is a more formal dress with a round neckline, it's not really suitable to be worn with tousers, but you could get away with tights or leggings underneath. It's available from Coast (priced at £115).
Dress #4 is for more of a party look, it has a much lower neckline with fringe detailing. It's made from a jersey fabric so if you wanted full-sleeves you would look fine you wore this with a black long sleeved-top underneath. Similarly a pair of skinny jeans would also work with this dress. It's available from Karen Millen (priced at £89.95)

Dress #5 is a great value for money at just £22 from New Look. As demonstrated you can wear this over a plain tshirt or long sleeved top, and it doesn't even have to be black!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Check Shirts

All the celebs have been wearing check shirts as dresses...which is fine if you don't mind looking like you forgot to put your trousers on!

For the rest of us mere mortals who can't get away with wearing a top as a dress, check out French Connection's covered up way of wearing a check shirt:

Their version is a more fitted shirt, worn open over a tshirt, and teamed up with a pair of jeans.
If you want to go for the over-sized shirt worn-as-a-dress look (jeans or leggings are optional!!) check out the selection of looser-fit shirts from the high street below:

Style tips:
- If the shirt looks too loose, try adding a belt to make it a bit more fitted at the waist
- If you're going for a bright check, go easy on the accessories as some of the coloured check patterns are so bold they stand out enough on their own
- To keep the look feminine, wear with heels. Boots and trainers are a no-no unless they're cowboy-style boots and you want to go for the "country" look.
- If you're wearing the shirt open with a top underneath, stick to a plain tshirt. Too many prints and patterns layered up will clash badly!

1.Uniqlo Flannel Check Shirt - £14.99 2.Dorothy Perkins purple and black men's shirt - £25.00, 3.Debenhams belted check shirt - £32 4. New Look check print popper shirt - £18 5.Quiz blue and black check shirt with belt - £24.99 6.Bhs longline belted check shirt - £20

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

punk look - skinny jeans & leather jackets

What do you think of the punky/rock-chick ripped jeans and leather jacket kinda look? It's not to everyone's taste I'm sure but if you want to work this look without having too many rips in your jeans there are plenty of ways to do it!

Check out Brit model Agyness Deyn looking all punky and no skin on show:

I've checked out the high street and here's a selection of what's on offer:

Skinny jeans work best for this look, and trust me, there are plenty of styles out there which aren't so ripped up they look like they've been through a shredder! Alternatively, if you're not liking the ripped jeans look at all, this look also works with tie-dye jeans. Tshirts are worn long and loose (good for covering your bum!) and pick something with a bold image! Complete the outfit with a leather-look bomber jacket!

1.Leather-Look Bomber Jacket £35.00 from New Look
2.Neon Print T-shirt with Diamante detail £16.00 from New Look
3.Grey "New Work" top £16.99 from Republic
4.Skinny Ripped Jeans £29.99 from Republic
5.Graphic Print Batwing top £22.00 from New Look
6.Skinny Tie-Die Jeans, £29.99 from Republic

Monday, 20 July 2009

Boyfriend Fit Cardigans

boyfriend cardigans from New Look

Oversized cardigans, or "boyfriend fit" cardigans (as they're sometimes known) are a fab way to get achieve a casual but cool kinda look. Team them up with a pair of jeans, a plain vest or t-shirt and then add accessories!

Check out these celebs working the look:

An alternative way to wear these oversized cardigans is to keep them buttoned up and accessorise with a big belt like the look below:

Boyfriend Cardigan worn with jeans and a belt from Oasis

The four cardigans at the top of the page are from a selection at New Look for £20. The belted look above is from Oasis: blue boyfriend fit cardigan £45,purple vest (worn underneath) £15, Kick-flare bootcut jeans £50 and stretch belt £15

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Smart Black Dresses - perfect for work!

Finding a smart dress to wear to work can sometimes be a struggle, especially if you don't want to go sleeveless...or if like me your office always has the aircon on really high and your arms get cold! The easy option is to stick a cardigan on top of whatever you're wearing, but who wants to wear a cardian ALL the time?? I've found two smart black dresses which keep your arms covered and give you plenty of options to add a little colour by accessorising:

Smart Black Dress from CoastSmart Black Dress from Oasis

Both of these dresses have v-necks, and my recommendation for covering up up-top would be to wear a vest underneath.

Dress #1 is available from Coast for £95. Dress #2 is almost half the price and is available from Oasis for £50

Long-Sleeved shift dress from French Connection

I spied this long-sleeved shift dress in French Connection yesterday. I think this looks great for something smart to wear in the evenings. It comes in 6 different combinations of colour and embroidery.

The sleeves are sheer, so not quite perfect for you if you want to keep your arms completely covered, but great if you don't mind showing a tiny bit. Another great thing about this dress for the more modest dressers is the high neckline, and the embelishments around the neck and cuffs mean the only accessories you'll need to wear are earrings.

Complete the look with tights or leggings and a pair of heels!

This dress is available from French Connection for £130

Friday, 17 July 2009

Animal Print Bandeau Dresses

Animal print outfits show up every season, some of it looks tacky but a lot of the time it works! Here are two fab dresses from the high street which create a strapless/bandeau dress look whilst still keeping you covered:

Both of these dresses can easily be worn with a plain black top underneath with long sleeves, 3/4 length sleeves or without if you're comfortable!

To complete the look, wear with super skinny jeans or leggings.

My final style tip for this look is don't over-accessorise! Animal prints make a bold enough statement on their own so go easy on the extras!!

Dress #1 is available from Dorothy Perkins for £28.00. Dress #2 is available from New Look for £18.00

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

About this blog!

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