Saturday, 24 October 2009

It's all about the shoulders - pleats

Whether you like it or not, big 80's style overdramatic shoulders are back! What's good though is that there are plenty of less-dramatic tops and dresses which have some great detail on the shoulders without going too over the top, and a funky little shoulder design can go a long way in making a plain top look that little bit more stylish. Here's some that I've found:

First up is this purple top from Rise a new concession brand available at Dorothy Perkins. The detailing on the shoulders of this top is very slight and discreet but it tranforms this top from plain to chic! This top is £24 and is also available in black and grey, click here to see more.

Another one from Dorothy Perkins, this long-sleeved top has pleat details on the shoulders to give them a bit of volume and shape. This top is £14 and also available in black, click here to buy now

This black longline cardigan is from Miss Selfridge, not only does it have pleat detail on the shoulders, it also has a bit on the sides too for pockets. You can get this for £20 click here for more info.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Tunic and Tops from Fat Face

Fat Face is one of those shops I always walk past without ever going into! But my travels through the internet led me to their online store and I've found they have a great range of outfits which are perfect for covering up, like these tunic tops:

This soft drapey fabric tunic not only looks pretty, with it's knot design at the front, it also looks like it would be pretty comfortable too! This one is available for £35, click here for more info.

If you're into prints, then there's also this tunic top which has a bit of a hippy-chick kinda feel to it. This one is available for £40, click here for a closer look.

If you're after something a bit brighter, you can't go wrong with this silky top:
It's available for £35, click here to buy now

What do you think of Fat Face? Do you shop there?

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Studs and Sequins

It's all about embellishments, whether it's sequins, spikes or studs add a few to a top, dress or accessory you're guaranteed to look bang on trend for this season! Here are some of my favourite embellished items:
First up is this grey batwing sleeve French Connection beadwork jumper. It's a very glitzy way to keep warm and is available for £110. Click to buy now

Another hit from French Connection, this "deconstructed" cardigan (their words not mine!) is covered in gold square studs. It's long enough to cover your bum and looks fab with a pair of skinny jeans and heels. It's available now for £90, click here for more info and to buy now.
If the £90+ pricetag of French Connection is a little too much for your budget, then worry not because there's plenty of embellished outfits available for much less, including this black jumper from Dorothy Perkins which is embellished with silver and blue stars on the shoulder. Again, it's a long jumper which covers your bum and will look fab with skinny jeans or leggings. It's available now for £35. Click here to shop now.

There's also this studded shoulder jersey top from Marks and Spencer which you can get for £22. This top is more than just the stud trend, it also follows the whole big power shoulders trend too! Click here to get this now

Friday, 9 October 2009

3 Knitwear choices with a difference

It's coming to that time of year when it's getting so cold that you value warmth over style and feel the urge to stick a big jumper on top of everything! But your winter knitwear doesn't have to be oversized and unflattering, on the contrary, here are 3 great knits which will keep you looking fab and not drab!

This blue jumper comes courtesy of plus-size retailer Evans Clothing. It has long sleeves and a delicate cornelli design around the neckline. You can get this now for £35 in sizes 14 upwards. Click here for more info and to buy now

This wrapover cardigan from Firetrap is a bestseller. It has a wrapover effect at the front and a polo neck scarf to keep you extra warm! It's also available in maroon for £65. Click here to check it out from the Firetrap online store

This blue half sleeve chunky cable knit sweater has a large button-up collar which looks just as good open or closed! It's available from Dorothy Perkins for £35. Click here to buy!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Flower print dresses

If animal prints aren't your thing, or maybe you've got too many already and are on the lookout for something different, why not kit yourself out in a floral print instead? I'm not talking tablecloth/curtain prints (although I have seen some out there!) I'm talking about prints like the two below which you could very easily wear for a casual feminine look.

This dress is new in at Republic, with a pink and white flower design on black. It has long sleeves to keep your arms warm and covered up, and also has a "waterfall" kind of loose design at the bottom. It's a bargain at £19.99, click here for a closer look and to buy.

If pink isn't your colour, then this monochrome dress is a good alternative. It's available from Dorothy Perkins for £25. Click here to buy this now

French Connection eveningwear - sexy and demure dresses

French Connection have got some great dresses in this season all of which are sexy, sultry and most importantly - modest! Take a look:

This long sleeved jersey "Bella Dress" is also available in blue. It has a cowl neck, with draped side pockets and fixed waist band to create a beautiful shape. You can get this for £90 click here for more info and to buy

Another long-sleeved LBD, this high-neck jersey dress has a bat-wing design and fitted sleeves. It's available online now for £70 click here for more info and to buy

Finally, there is this elegant full length silk blend gown. The dress has a cowl neck and tie waist to create a shape. This dress is £140 click here for more info and to buy

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Work dresses - long sleeved cowl neck dress from Dorothy Perkins

I'm often scouring the "what's new" pages of websites to see what the shops are getting in daily. Today I came across these two fabulous little smart dresses from Dorothy Perkins, both with long sleeves!

Get this is black for a more conservative look, or be bold and opt for the orange version!

Both dresses are a bargain at £32 each and are available in sizes 6 - 22. click here to get this in orange or use use this link to get this in black

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Nobody is wearing plain leggings anymore!

Leggings are still very much in fashion, even more so now that the weather is getting colder, which is good news for ladies who like to cover up, because the range available it getting funkier and there is so much choice out there now. Of course you can still buy plain black leggings but if you really want to make a fashion statement then you need to step away from the plain!

I've been checking out the high street to find their hot picks and first up are 4 pairs I came across from Miss Selfridge.

1. Reptile Leggings £18 - these leggings may be black, but they've got texture and shine!
2. Purple Animal Print Leggings £18 - not subtle at all, these leggings will make you really stand out, but don't go overboard with your prints - team these up with plain block colours up-top to really show these off.
3. Black Eyelet Leggings £18 - Christopher Kane couldn't get enough of eyelet designs in his collection for Topshop, and these leggings have them too...without the designer price tag!
4. Black Sequin Leggings £40 - You can't get more glam than fully-sequined leggings. These are a must for a night out!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Print Maxi Dress

Whilst browsing what was new on the Dorothy Perkins two items that really caught my eye were these two silk print maxi dresses.

The almost psychedelic prints of these dresses will ensure you're the centre of attention whilst covering up your bottom half and most of your top half. The second dress even comes with a necklace attached!
If you're concious of showing your arms/shoulders, or if it's just too cold to wear these one their own, team them up with a plain shrug like this one which is currently on sale at Dorothy Perkins (reduced to £15 from £30)

These maxi dresses are £70 each and are available in sizes 8 - 18 click on the images above to go straight through to Dorothy Perkins online store and buy now!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Smart Shirts for Work

What better way to look smart at work than with a shirt? I'm not talking about your average ill-fitting unflattering shirt, on the contrary there are some shirts out there which can give you a feminine look without having to resort to a plunging neckline!

1. White shirt with ruffle detail on shoulders from Oasis £40

2. Red shirt with pleat detail Karen Millen £99

3. Purple Satin shirt from Dorothy Perkins £25

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Knitted Jumper Dresses

Knitted jumper dresses are a great transition item to take you from summer to autumn. Here's a selection I came across which will keep you looking cool and covered:

These two cowl neck dresses come from the latest collection at Oasis. The long sleeves provide maximum coverage and this dress can also be worn as something smart for work with trousers, or casually with jeans. It's available online now for £55. Click here for more info on these dresses from the Oasis online store.

Another one from Oasis, this long sleeved silvery metallic dress has a v-neck with a ribbed design. If you're conscious of the neckline, accessorise this dress with a contrasting coloured scarf as shown. This would be great for an evening out :)
The dress is available for £65 from the Oasis online store, click here for more info.

For a more casual look, check out these two striped jumper dresses from Republic. Again, they have long sleeves and a v-neck. I'd suggest wearing a vest top underneath if you're not happy with the low neck. These are a bargain at £19.99, click here for more info and to buy from the Republic online store.

For something totally funky, Bench have these striped knit jumpers with bold colour combinations which really make a statement. These are available for £45. If these are a bit too much for you, Bench also have plain coloured jumper dresses for around £30. Click here to visit the Bench online store for more info.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Eveningwear - blow the budget with these designer dresses

If you've got a special event coming up, or have a desire for all things designer, I've found 2 gorgeous modest dresses which will keep you covered up but still ooze luxury and elegance.

This black embroidered shift dress from French Connection had long sleeves and a very modest neckline. The contrast in the embroidery colours against the black really gives this dress a sparkly but understated look. This dress retails at £200.

For something really glamourous, this 3/4 length dress silk from the See by ChloĆ© collection needs no accessories. It's available in both black and blue and can be yours for the small sum of £318

Monday, 10 August 2009

Long Sleeve Print Dresses

I've been looking around for dresses with long sleeves. I know you can always get a short sleeved dress and add a cardigan or a shrug, but there are some occassions when you just don't want to wear too many layers. I'll be posting all my finds, starting off with these 3 print dresses:

Dress #1 is from the John Rocha Collection at Debenhams, it features a floral design with coin embellishments and is available for £50.
Dress #2 is for the plus size women out there, this orange beaded kimono style dress is available from Evans and comes in sizes 14 - 32. You can get this dress for £65.
Dress #3 is from Oasis. This diamond print dress is available for £48.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Maxi Dresses and Shrugs

While there's still a bit of summer left, there's still time to look fabulous is a maxi dress. Most of the shops have started to get their autumn/winter stock in now, so finding the maxi dress of your dreams is becoming a bit more difficult. I've found a few though, check them out below:

Dress #1 is from the Therapy range at House of Fraser and is available for a very reasonable £40.
Dress #2 is an animal print halterneck style maxi dress, available from Peacocks for £25
Dress #3 is a silky satin dress with detachable straps, available from Quiz for £39.99

So that's your lower half all covered up nicely, but if you're a bit conscious about necklines or showing off your arms, the perfect accompaniment to a maxi dress is a shrug. New Look have a great range of shrugs in at the moment so check out the New Look online store to find a the style and colour to suit your maxi dress!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

More than just your average cardigan

Cardigans are probably the most popular cover up ever invented! They're just so easy to slip on top of a tshirt or vest, but sometimes I think they can be a bit boring, no matter how many different colour combinations you have, it's still going to be a boring old cardigan isn't it? Well perhaps not, I've found a few cardi's which have a bit more style about them thanks to a bit of draping and some ruffles! Check them out below:

#1 This 3/4 sleeve grey cardigan is from Karen Millen, as shown, it looks just as good worn open as it does zipped up. It's quite a tight-fit cardigan so if you're looking for something more loose and drape-y, a waterfall cardigan might be better for you. This cardi available to buy now for £110 fro the Karen Millen online store.

#2 & #3 are waterfall style cardigans, both with long sleeves they don't fasten up but do hang very nicely, hence the reason why they're called "waterfall" cardigans :) these two cardigans are great value for money, the red cardigan is £14.99 from Quiz, and the the light grey shrug is from the Miso collection at Republic for £19.99

#4 & #5 are from a few more long waterfall cardigans from a selection at Marks and Spencer and are available in a range of different colours.
#5 is from the"Perfect" range for £35.00, and
#4 is available for £29.50

Monday, 27 July 2009

Not-so-little black dresses

The "LBD" or "little black dress" is supposedly a staple in every woman's wardrobe, but if you happen to be a little shy of showing too much leg, (or any leg at all!) there are ways you can look fab in a range of not-so-litte black dresses which have sleeves or can be worn with shrugs, and which don't look really stupid when worn with jeans or leggings underneath!

Check out the 5 looks below:

Look #1 is for girls that don't mind wearing something a bit more fitted and clingy. The look is comprised of a "Warrior" sequin embellished dress (£80), worn with black rouched leggings (£18), shirred bolero/shrug (£25) and finished off with zebra striped platform shoes (£90) all from Oasis.

Dress #2 comes courtesy of French Connection (available for £110) and is great if you want a looser style, the matching belt helps create a bit more shape at the waist and the batwing sleeves are ideal if you want a bit of arm coverage. The neckline on this dress is also good if you're a bit shy of showing too much chest.

Dresses #3 and #4 are for frill seekers! Dress #3 is a more formal dress with a round neckline, it's not really suitable to be worn with tousers, but you could get away with tights or leggings underneath. It's available from Coast (priced at £115).
Dress #4 is for more of a party look, it has a much lower neckline with fringe detailing. It's made from a jersey fabric so if you wanted full-sleeves you would look fine you wore this with a black long sleeved-top underneath. Similarly a pair of skinny jeans would also work with this dress. It's available from Karen Millen (priced at £89.95)

Dress #5 is a great value for money at just £22 from New Look. As demonstrated you can wear this over a plain tshirt or long sleeved top, and it doesn't even have to be black!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Check Shirts

All the celebs have been wearing check shirts as dresses...which is fine if you don't mind looking like you forgot to put your trousers on!

For the rest of us mere mortals who can't get away with wearing a top as a dress, check out French Connection's covered up way of wearing a check shirt:

Their version is a more fitted shirt, worn open over a tshirt, and teamed up with a pair of jeans.
If you want to go for the over-sized shirt worn-as-a-dress look (jeans or leggings are optional!!) check out the selection of looser-fit shirts from the high street below:

Style tips:
- If the shirt looks too loose, try adding a belt to make it a bit more fitted at the waist
- If you're going for a bright check, go easy on the accessories as some of the coloured check patterns are so bold they stand out enough on their own
- To keep the look feminine, wear with heels. Boots and trainers are a no-no unless they're cowboy-style boots and you want to go for the "country" look.
- If you're wearing the shirt open with a top underneath, stick to a plain tshirt. Too many prints and patterns layered up will clash badly!

1.Uniqlo Flannel Check Shirt - £14.99 2.Dorothy Perkins purple and black men's shirt - £25.00, 3.Debenhams belted check shirt - £32 4. New Look check print popper shirt - £18 5.Quiz blue and black check shirt with belt - £24.99 6.Bhs longline belted check shirt - £20

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

punk look - skinny jeans & leather jackets

What do you think of the punky/rock-chick ripped jeans and leather jacket kinda look? It's not to everyone's taste I'm sure but if you want to work this look without having too many rips in your jeans there are plenty of ways to do it!

Check out Brit model Agyness Deyn looking all punky and no skin on show:

I've checked out the high street and here's a selection of what's on offer:

Skinny jeans work best for this look, and trust me, there are plenty of styles out there which aren't so ripped up they look like they've been through a shredder! Alternatively, if you're not liking the ripped jeans look at all, this look also works with tie-dye jeans. Tshirts are worn long and loose (good for covering your bum!) and pick something with a bold image! Complete the outfit with a leather-look bomber jacket!

1.Leather-Look Bomber Jacket £35.00 from New Look
2.Neon Print T-shirt with Diamante detail £16.00 from New Look
3.Grey "New Work" top £16.99 from Republic
4.Skinny Ripped Jeans £29.99 from Republic
5.Graphic Print Batwing top £22.00 from New Look
6.Skinny Tie-Die Jeans, £29.99 from Republic

Monday, 20 July 2009

Boyfriend Fit Cardigans

boyfriend cardigans from New Look

Oversized cardigans, or "boyfriend fit" cardigans (as they're sometimes known) are a fab way to get achieve a casual but cool kinda look. Team them up with a pair of jeans, a plain vest or t-shirt and then add accessories!

Check out these celebs working the look:

An alternative way to wear these oversized cardigans is to keep them buttoned up and accessorise with a big belt like the look below:

Boyfriend Cardigan worn with jeans and a belt from Oasis

The four cardigans at the top of the page are from a selection at New Look for £20. The belted look above is from Oasis: blue boyfriend fit cardigan £45,purple vest (worn underneath) £15, Kick-flare bootcut jeans £50 and stretch belt £15

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Smart Black Dresses - perfect for work!

Finding a smart dress to wear to work can sometimes be a struggle, especially if you don't want to go sleeveless...or if like me your office always has the aircon on really high and your arms get cold! The easy option is to stick a cardigan on top of whatever you're wearing, but who wants to wear a cardian ALL the time?? I've found two smart black dresses which keep your arms covered and give you plenty of options to add a little colour by accessorising:

Smart Black Dress from CoastSmart Black Dress from Oasis

Both of these dresses have v-necks, and my recommendation for covering up up-top would be to wear a vest underneath.

Dress #1 is available from Coast for £95. Dress #2 is almost half the price and is available from Oasis for £50